Announcing the Launch of Bian Spray

This is a carbonated UV spray born from a dream collaboration project between the popular “炭酸整体(Carbonated Spray)” from Japanese Carbonated Chiropractic and the UV masterpiece “UV革命(UV Revolution)” from BiEST Cosmetics.

With the benefits of carbonated beauty, it promotes blood circulation, boosts metabolism, and revitalizes skin cells. It protects the skin from UV rays while nurturing it from the inside out. Carbon dioxide not only relieves muscle fatigue but also enhances performance and flexibility when used before exercise. Moreover, as it is a spray type, it can be easily applied even when sweating during sports, preventing UV care components from washing away.

It can be used as a makeup base before applying makeup or on top of makeup. Additionally, it can be directly sprayed on areas of concern such as arms, neck, legs, and nape of the neck.

Makeup holding and sunscreen spray
SPF32 PA+++”