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We would like to introduce feedback from our customers who have used our products.

I found cosmetics that I can use even with my allergies!!

I’ve only been using medicine from the hospital because of my allergies, but I finally found cosmetics that I can use!! I was about to give up, but I’m grateful to President Maeda of BiEST Cosmetics for giving me this wonderful opportunity. The redness and itchiness on my eyelids have greatly improved, and I’m truly happy that the problem I’ve been struggling with for so long has been resolved. I’m aiming for further beauty and will take the next step.”

I am very careful about beauty.

Due to the nature of my work, I am very careful about beauty. I have been using Viest cosmetics and also love their NMN supplements, which I found to be very effective. So, I was excited about the release of this new serum. The results surpassed my expectations, with excellent texture upon application and sustained skin firmness even the next day, making me feel the freshness of the ingredients. I will definitely continue using this serum 😊.