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Rejuing Serum

There are many anti-aging cosmetics and beauty supplements in the market, but most of them only work to slow down or stop aging. The Rejuing brand was born with the hope of allowing you to experience an unprecedented ‘ongoing rejuvenation’ from both the inside and outside of your skin, by efficiently incorporating the much-discussed ‘NMN,’ referred to as the ‘discovery of the century’ at Harvard University, through its unique method.

Poration Water

This serum is developed for electroportion introduction. It does not contain any preservatives, additives, fragrances, or colorants. It can be used with any manufacturer’s electroportion device. Electroportion is the latest care method that uses the power of special electricity to open gaps between cells, allowing even high-molecular-weight active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.

Cover 1

This one product offers five functions:
Beauty cream,
UV protection,
Makeup primer,

UV Color Base

This is a UV base lotion that corresponds to the highest rank of PA++++ in PA value labeling. It achieves SPF50 without using UV absorbers. In addition, it contains 20 types of beauty ingredients such as Bio Antage to protect the skin from strong sunlight and provide moisture. Micro-particles of pearl cover blemishes and dullness by reflecting light! It’s perfect as a makeup base!

Bian Spray

A dream collaboration between the hit product “UV Revolution” from Biest cosmetics and the hugely popular “Carbonated Spray” from Japan Carbonic Bodywork (炭酸整体)! Every time you reapply, your skin feels revitalized – introducing “Bian Spray”!


It’s a serum formulated with “Human Stem Cell Culture Extract,” which not only adds the beauty ingredients lacking in the skin but also supports the skin’s innate power. This represents a new approach to skincare.

fumie EX

Simply mix the gel and granules to easily enjoy a high-concentration hydrogen pack. The synergy of hydrogen and platinum nanocolloids provides antioxidant effects, resembling a face pack that brightens the skin tone. It nurtures cells with the functions of human stem cell culture fluid and exosomes.

PT Soap

When lathered, the fine, soft bubbles with negative ions penetrate every corner of the skin and deep into the pores, thoroughly absorbing positive ion sebum and makeup residue, leaving the skin clean and refreshed. Hyaluronic acid, collagen, and squalane moisturize the skin and provide firm protection, leaving it moist while thoroughly removing dirt.

You can also use the fine foam for a foam pack.

PT Moist

If there were a cream that made looking in the mirror the next morning something to look forward to, that would be wonderful. While we sleep at night, our skin’s metabolism becomes more active. That’s why nighttime skincare is so important. Platinum Moist not only serves the role of traditional moisturizing creams but also contains two major growth factors, EGF and FGF, as well as placenta extract, bird’s nest extract—an ingredient long considered a luxury for beauty—along with other high-priced components such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, and argireline, representing the pinnacle of beauty. It not only protects the moisture of the skin but also brings out firmness and elasticity from within, giving you confidence in your awakening skin.

PT Essence

With its high moisturizing power, it enhances the skin’s ability to retain moisture and supports its inherent repair capabilities, leading to a firm and finely textured complexion. Additionally, by incorporating ‘platinum nanocolloids’ reduced to an ultrafine size of 10 billionths of a meter, it promotes translucent skin. Moreover, it does not contain any chemical substances such as fragrances, preservatives, or emulsifiers, ensuring safe use.